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Why visit South Sudan? 

Our South Sudan holiday tours and safaris take you just about as far off the beaten track as it is possible to travel, visiting south Sudan tribal groups that haven't changed their lifestyles much in centuries. For those of you who have seen it all.

The world's newest nation has only officially existed since 2011 and tourism here is a word that is met with rather blank stares. South Sudan 'worlds newest country is home to the Mundari Tour, DinkaTour, JiyeTour, LutokoTour, BoyaTour, and Toposa Tour, one of the most traditional ethnic groups in all of Africa, and traveling this far feels rather like getting to the end of the earth.

Although virtually devoid of traditional 'sights' the country's highlights are its myriad peoples, from the wrestling Cattle keeper of Mundari to the Boya in their picturesque villages, most of whom will rarely have encountered outsiders before. Our South Sudan holidays are an exploration at another level from anything you may have experienced before.

There are few places left in Africa that compare to South Sudan, a wild and untamed world that is home to some of the continent’s most traditional ethnic groups, living in the same way as their ancient forefathers.

Based on our own personal experience of the world’s newest country, this South Sudan tour takes you deep into the tribal heart of a truly fascinating part of the continent.

From the boom of South Sudan's capital city of Juba, we head east to the land of the Toposa people, an intensely traditional group related to both the Turkana of Kenya and the Surma of Ethiopia, who decorate their faces and bodies with elaborate scarifications that almost defy belief.

You will spend time exploring their villages and meeting tribal elders before returning westwards, visiting other ethnic groups such as the Boya and Lotuko along the way, learning about the challenges of life here, and seeing a side of Africa that few people will ever be privileged enough to witness.

Finally, we travel to the homelands of the Mundari people, known for their distinctive tribal scarring and the regular wrestling contests that take place between their villages – we should be able to witness one of these incredible spectacles!

This is not always an easy journey – infrastructure is often lacking and visitors virtually unknown – but without a doubt is one of the most exciting you are likely to make.

South Sudan shares much in common with neighbors like Ethiopia and Kenya. The different groups that live here have similarities with those of the Omo Valley, and the northern Kenyan deserts. Here though, the long war with the north means that the modern world has barely encroached. This is a very wild Africa, where tribal units have far more relevance than the modern nation-state, wealth is measured in cattle, and naked warriors roam the land.

This is not one of our easier destinations. On South Sudan holidays and tours you can expect some of the worst roads on the continent, basic (or non-existent) infrastructure, and obstructive bureaucracy. But journeying here holds an excitement that some of the better-traveled trails can no longer match. It feels like African travel was thirty or forty years ago.

South Sudan’s ‘wild east’ is home to the Toposa, one of the most traditional ethnic groups in all of Africa, and traveling this far feels rather like getting to the end of the earth. Many of the older women still wear skirts made from animal skins, and the men nothing much at all. Although virtually devoid of traditional ‘sights’ the country’s highlights are its myriad peoples. From the wrestling Mundari to the Boya in their picturesque villages, most of these groups will rarely have encountered outsiders before.

Top highlights on South Sudan holidays and Safari tours

  • Stay in a traditional Mundari camp, watching them care for their prized cattle
  • Explore the lovely villages of the Lotuko people, in the hills around Torit
  • Look for wildlife in Boma National Park – the annual migration here is larger than in the Serengeti
  • Meet the Toposa people in their villages around Kapoeta on an exclusive safari tour
  • Explore the Lopeti tribe on the amazing south Sudan holiday and safari tour
  • Don't miss out on the amazing Jie tribe in their remote Jungle
  • Why Not Visit the Larim tribe in their scenic Boya hills landscapes 
  • The Uniqueness of the country's tribes and beauty could be the reason why you need to travel with us, imagine meeting the beautiful Didinga tribe
  • Not recommended to leave South Sudan without exploring its Capital " Juba City and its wonders

Our South Sudan holiday tours are an exploration at another level from anything you may have experienced before.


South Sudan Culture Tour 

South Sudan is home to an astonishing number of different ethnic groups, all of which hold their own belief systems and speak their own languages. But English is widely spoken in towns as a second language and is the language of government. South Sudan has a sizeable Christian population – the result of colonial interference and efforts from missionaries – but there are also Muslim minorities in the larger towns.

The largest tribal groups are the Dinka and Nuer – both traditional cattle herders, who have longstanding grievances against each other. Throughout this part of Africa cattle represents wealth. They are used for dowries and as a financial resource and are rarely actually eaten. The Mundari are another cattle herding group and have maintained their traditional lifestyles to a greater extent, generally living deep in the bush in cattle camps.

When to go on holiday to South Sudan

The best time to visit South Sudan is from November to April, which is the dry season. It is hot all year round and only slightly less so in the wet season, but the quality of roads outside of Juba can be challenging after heavy rain.

Start planning your South Sudan trip

Check out our scheduled small group tour to South Sudan, Africa’s Forgotten World. Although many of our trips are small group adventures with set departures, as bespoke operators, we can design and create trips to suit any traveler, from solos to larger groups. If you would like to find out more about tailor-made South Sudan holidays or our group tours, call us at +256705087906 or email us via our contact page. We’d love to hear from you.

Most Popular and Affordable South Sudan Holidays and  tours offered by Ultimate Wild Safaris  at Discount

One-Day South Sudan Holiday and Tour ( Juba City Tour)
This South Sudan Safari tour takes you to top South Sudan tourist sites in the south Sudan capital, Visit major points of interest in Juba City  - Presidential residence Tour, Tomb of John Garang de Mabior Tour, Ministry of Tourism, River Nile, Nile River Port Tour, Colonial monument Tour, a market place for purchases of textiles and jewelry Tour, Nile Special Beer bottling plant Tour, Read more: 
10 Days 9 Nights Mundari Cattle Camp and Nimule National Park Safari Tour | South Sudan wildlife Holiday Tour
This 10-day 9 Nights south Sudan Safari tour takes you to the Mundari cattle camp community; one of South Sudan’s interesting tribes does not miss out on Nimule national park for South Sudan wildlife.

Visit Nimule National Park:
Nimule National Park is South Sudan’s smallest and most popular South Sudan national park, located on the border with Uganda, it was established in 1954 mainly for the protection of now extinct white rhino, and elephant and for it is a scenic beauty.
Nimule National park is the most accessible of South Sudan’s National parks. A three-hour drive from Juba (190 kilometers/118 miles), on a newly reconstructed paved road (the only paved road in South Sudan), makes visiting the park, all year, possible.
A herd of elephants has made the Nimule National park their home, realizing they are safe in the park. Most often they are found on an island in the Nile called Opekoloe. This herd of about 70 animals wanders back and forth across the border with Uganda.

Visit The Mundari Cattle Camp
The Mundari are a small ethnic group of Nilotic origin, consisting mainly of cattle herders and farmers. The Mundari are known locally for their tribal body and facial markings (scarification), as well as for their interest in traditional fighting. They are also known, especially internationally, for their nomadic cattle camps, widely captured by renowned travel photographers.
The tribal lands of the Mundari people are traditionally located east of the White Nile, about a hundred kilometers north of Juba, the capital of Southern Sudan, and are concentrated in the city of Terekeka in Central Equatoria State.
Until recently, this short distance meant a hard journey of several hours. Today, it is possible to reach Mundari territory in just over an hour, see more