Uganda the pearl of Africa is one of the best destinations to visit at any given period of time. Uganda offers bot holiday safari Tours, Uganda Vacation safaris, Uganda safari Tours, Uganda wildlife safari Tours, Uganda gorilla safari Tours and many more.

Uganda is one of the most beautiful countries though land locked but with plenty of stunning attractions that are enjoyed by several travelers on a Uganda Safari tours.

The attractions in Uganda range from thrilling vegetation cover, water bodies, rolling hills, mountains, and abundant of breath taking fauna species including mountain gorillas, Uganda big 5 games, birds, butterflies, reptiles and many more that make your encounter with them while on a Uganda safari a rewarding experience.

Uganda Primate/Chimpanzee and Gorilla safari Tours: 

Apart from Uganda wildlife safari, Uganda is one of the top destinations in Africa to visit for primate viewing adventures and the most primates visited in Uganda are endangered mountain Gorillas thus mountain gorilla trekking in the leading primate adventure in Uganda. To enjoy this Uganda safari tour, you have to visit only 2 parks in Uganda that harbor these unique species of gorillas that is Bwindi impenetrable national park a home to the largest population of mountain gorillas with more than 50 % of these gorillas thrilling in this park.

Another destination to visit on a Uganda safari tour for gorilla trekking is Mgahinga gorilla national park a home to only 1 habituated mountain gorilla family known as Nyakagezi that is trekked on a daily basis.

Other mountain gorillas are distributed with in Volcanoes national park in Rwanda as well as Virunga national park in Democratic Republic of Congo.

To participate in Gorilla trekking safari in Uganda the pearl of Africa, one has to obtain a gorilla trekking permit which acts as the gate pass to access gorillas and as of now it costs $700 for foreign Nonresidents, $600 for foreign residents and Ugandan Shillings 250,000 for Ugandans and all East African Community member states.

These gorilla permits can be obtained directly from the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) which is the main body responsible for issuing out the gorilla permits and managing all protected areas in Uganda.

However, there is an option of Uganda a trusted tour operator like Ultimate Wild Safaris to help you in booking those permits and an entire trip at ease.

While on primate viewing safari in Uganda, one may choose to enjoy chimpanzee trekking activity which is mostly conducted in Kibale forest national park at cost of $200 for Foreign Non Residents, $150 for foreign Residents and Ugandan shillings 150,000 for all Ugandans and East Africa Community member states.

The permits to trek chimpanzees in Kibale forest national park are as well obtained from the Uganda wildlife Authority just like Gorilla permits.

Kibale forest is not only a home to the chimpanzees, but harbors over 13 primate species making it a primate capital of the world. However, there are other destinations in Uganda while one can trek chimpanzees while on a Uganda safari tour and they include; Budongo forest safari tour in Murchison falls national park safari tour, Kalinzu forest safari tour in Queen Elizabeth national park safari tour, Kyambura gorge safari tour in Queen Elizabeth national park safari tour and Semuliki/Semliki national park safari tour.

Now days Uganda as well offers Mangabey monkey trekking safari tour which is done in Mabira forest reserve as the best way to encounter with these Unique Uganda Mangabey monkeys.

Uganda Wildlife safari Tours: 

While planning for your wildlife safari in Uganda, look no further than visiting the savanna parks such as Murchison falls national park the only place to encounter with the big 5 game as long as one combines it with a visit at Ziwa Rhino sanctuary, Kidepo valley national park the most beautiful savanna park yet least visited by tourists on a short Uganda safari tour since it is situated far from the capital city of Uganda, Lake Mburo national park the nearest park to Kampala the capital city of Uganda, Queen Elizabeth national park the only place to encounter with the tree climbing lions in Uganda among others.

Uganda Boat cruise safari Tours:

Uganda is yet a blessed country with plenty of water bodies thus taking on a boat cruise adventure in the pearl is such a rewarding experience that enables you to cruise on top of fresh waters of Uganda. Most of the boat cruise safaris in Uganda are conducted within the national parks such as boat cruise upstream and downstream along the Nile River in Murchison falls national park, boat cruise in Lake Mburo national park, Boat cruise on Kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth national park and many more. One may as well choose to do boat cruise along Lake Bunyonyi, Lake Mutanda, Jinja along River Nile and many other stunning water bodies in Uganda.

Uganda Birding safari Tours: 

Uganda Birding safari Tours, Uganda thrills with over 1000 species of birds making it one of the best birding destination in the world. Uganda Birding safari Tours thrills with Uganda water birds, Uganda forest birds, species endemic to Albertine rift and many other unique bird species.

Uganda Mountain Climbing safari Tours: 

Uganda the pearl of Africa is gifted with lots of mountains that make one of the best place to place for mountain climbing.

Some of the mountains hiked in Uganda include Mount Rwenzori Hiking tour, Mount Elgon Hiking tour, Mount Gahinga Hiking tour, Mount Sabyinyo Hiking tour and mount Muhavura hiking tour.

With the above Uganda safari tours, Uganda is indeed a top destination to visit and there are many other Uganda safari tours to do including Uganda cultural safari tours, visiting source of the Nile safari tours, Uganda city safari tours, River Nile white water rafting safari tours, guided nature walks safari tours, Uganda golden monkey trekking safari tours, Uganda sport fishing safari tours, Uganda horseback ride safari tours, Uganda mountain Biking safari tours, Uganda quad biking safari tours, Uganda lion tracking safari tours and many other.

This shows that Uganda is indeed a blessed country situated in East Africa bordering Kenya in the Eastern part, Tanzania in the southern part, Rwanda in the southern part, South Sudan in the Northern part and Democratic Republic of Congo in the western part.

To enjoy any of the above or even more safari Tours in Uganda, look no further than contacting us to get in touch with our professionals at Ultimate Wild Safaris to tailor out one of the best itineraries that suits your request and you will surely enjoy the best of Uganda the pearl of Africa on a Uganda safari.